2022 Residential Street Sweeper Routes/Schedule

June 1, 2022

This is the current routing schedule for street sweeping the residential streets for the first pass of 2022. It is not possible to give dates in advance due to staffing availability and equipment breakdowns. At least a day in advance, the area to be swept will be posted on our Facebook Page.

Beverly Gardens/Bayside Area
Wagon Wheel Area
Saville Estates Area
Richland/Penn Area
Tall Oaks/Arcadia Area
Blue Rock/Quinby Area
Byesville Area
Valley St./ Rohrer Area
Spicewood/Arrowrock Area
Forest Ridge Area
Marianne/Ingleside Area
Cherry Creek Area
Valley View Area
Brantwood Area
Lynnhaven Area (Will be done after construction)

Once complete with the first pass on residential streets, we will focus back on the main thoroughfare streets. Then a second pass on residential streets will be completed.

Last modified: June 1, 2022

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