Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation

Aggregation – Frequently Asked Questions

What is aggregation?

Aggregation is the pooling of buying power of a group of customers to negotiate more favorable rates for the purchase of electric and/or natural gas. Residents currently have the option to individually enter an agreement with an electric and/or natural gas supplier for a contract rate. Aggregation allows residents to do this collectively. A large buying group may be able to get better terms for the group members than you could get on your own.

Who will be our electric and natural gas suppliers?

The City selected SOPEC as its broker for electric and natural gas aggregation.  SOPEC brokered a competitive electric aggregation rate through AEP Energy, and residents will begin receiving letters about aggregation and the rate from AEP in the coming weeks.

SOPEC has not yet brokered a rate for natural gas supply. Further information about natural gas aggregation will be forthcoming later this year.

The energy distributors for the community are AES Ohio for electricity and CenterPoint Ohio for natural gas.

Who will send me my utility bill?

Your utility bill will continue to come from the same company. Aggregation may change your energy supplier, but your energy distributor will remain the same. The energy distributors for the community are AES Ohio for electricity and CenterPoint Ohio for natural gas.

Will I save money?

The City of Riverside hopes to maintain an Aggregation Program with competitive rates for our residents. It is possible that as a large buying group, residents may be able to get better rates than buying as individuals. While the aggregation process is designed to price electricity and natural gas supply as competitively as possible, participants are not guaranteed cost savings due to market conditions and fluctuations.

Who is eligible? How do I enroll?

Under an opt-out aggregation program, enrollment is automatic for residential electricity customers. However, the following customer groups are *not* eligible to participate in the aggregation program:

  • Customers on a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
  • Customers on an existing contract with an electric supplier
  • Customers requiring net metering due to solar electric generation

Eligible customers should receive a letter from AEP with information about the aggregation program. No action is required on your part if you are eligible and wish to enroll. Your letter will contain information about how to opt-out of the program if desired.

If you did not receive a letter, you may not be eligible for aggregation based on the criteria above.


What if I have an existing agreement with an electricity supplier? Can I participate in the aggregation program?

Aggregation does not override existing supplier contracts. If you have an existing electricity supply agreement, you aren’t eligible for automatic enrollment in the aggregation program.

To enroll in aggregation, you will need to cancel your existing contract. However, this may result in early termination or other fees depending on your contract terms. You should contact your existing supplier to determine if they have any early termination or other fees before you cancel your existing contract. If you decide to cancel, (and pay any applicable fees to your existing supplier), you can enroll in electric aggregation by contacting AEP at 1-877-648-1937.

How did aggregation come about?

On August 4, 2022, the Riverside City Council passed ordinances authorizing opt-out electric and natural gas service aggregation programs for Residents.

Electric Service Aggregation Ordinance 22-O-802
Natural Gas Service Aggregation Ordinance 22-O-803

On November 8, 2022, residents voted to pass electric and natural gas aggregation under Issues 20 & 21, respectively. The programs will allow the community to pool the purchasing power of all Residents to negotiate for more favorable rates on electric and natural gas.

Questions or Concerns?

If you recently received a letter regarding electric aggregation and have questions about the program or rate, please refer to your letter for specific contact details.

Residents who have general questions about aggregation can contact the City at 937-233-1801 or citymanager@riversideoh.gov. More information can also be found at The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Website.


FAQ last updated July 18, 2023

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