Airway Road West Reconstruction

March 5, 2020

Airway Road West Reconstruction will begin on Monday March 9, 2020. The curb on the east bound side of Airway Road from Hayden Avenue to Woodman Drive will be shut down. As soon as the Vectren Bare Steel Project is done, the contractor will be closing Smithville Road to Hayden Avenue. There will be access to side streets and traffic will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

As a part of this project, there will be an adjustment made to the bumpy approach slab at the bridge over Lilly Creek  just north of the Airway/Woodman intersection.  The contractor will be shutting down the two north bound lanes of Woodman and the left turn lane coming south bound at the intersection.

Due to the nature of this improvement at the bridge which includes the use of plasticized concrete as well as hydro demolition, this portion of the project will be scheduled when weather will permit construction to take place.

MOT Plan – Airway Rd. East Bound

Last modified: March 5, 2020

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