Boards and Commissions Application

All Riverside residents who are registered voters and are interested in serving on a City Board or Commission are requested to complete the following application form. This information will be helpful to our City Council when considering you for appointment. Your cooperation in completing this form and your interest in the operation of the Riverside City Government are very greatly appreciated.

    Your Name*

    Your Phone Number*

    Your Address*

    Your Zip Code*

    Your Email*

    List the name of each Board or Commission on which you are willing to serve*. Please list in preferential order.

    How long have you been a resident of Riverside (in years)?*

    List the names, dates of service, and any offices held (i.e. Chairperson) of all city or government related boards or commissions of which you have been or are presently a member:

    Last year of school completed*

    Identify education certificates or degrees awarded

    Identify the name, dates of employment, and position held of your current or most recent place of employment:

    Have you ever been convicted of a crime (i.e. misdemeanor or felony, excluding minor traffic offenses)?*
    NoYes (if yes, please describe)

    Please use the following space to identify any additional information which may assist the city council in considering you for appointment to one of the city boards or commissions, keeping in mind that most of the boards and commissions do not require specialized skills other than a strong interest in and desire to serve the Riverside city government and the citizens of this community.


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