City Seeks Resident for Woodman Corridor Task Force

January 4, 2024

The City seeks a resident or member of the public with a disability interested in serving on the Woodman Corridor Task Force to share their experiences and provide feedback. The perspective of someone with a disability is significant since it will help the task force and engineers better understand how the Woodman corridor can be used and experienced.

In 2023, the City of Riverside was awarded a Safe Streets 4 All (SS4A) grant through the US Department of Transportation. This grant will support the development of roadway designs that reimagine the Woodman corridor from Springfield St. south to US 35, specifically to increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists, multi-modal, and vehicle traffic while reducing incursions into WPAFB and developing a sense of place along the corridor.

The City is creating a task force to provide guidance and feedback throughout the design development process. The main role of the task force is to evaluate and make recommendations for all corridor features including crosswalks, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, speed limits, road features, bus stops, injury and fatality solutions, traffic calming measures, and safety principles for City transportation planning going forward.

Members of the general public and other stakeholders will be invited to participate at stakeholder and public meetings later this year.

There are five task force meetings currently contemplated for 2024:

  • January (around the 23rd or 24th)
  • March (around the 12th)
  • May (around the 14th)
  • July (around the 9th)
  • September (around the 10th)

Interested persons should contact City Manager Josh Rauch at and provide name, contact details, and some context about how their perspective as someone with a disability will help advance the task force.

Last modified: January 4, 2024

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