City of Riverside Police Department

 About the City of Riverside Police Department

The City of Riverside Police Department is a full-time professional police department serving over 25,000 residents, businesses, and visitors to the City of Riverside.  The Riverside Police Department has twenty-nine authorized full-time police officers.  The Riverside Police Department responds to an average of 27,000 calls for service per year.  The Department make up consists of:

  • 1 Police Chief
  • 2 Police Majors
  • 4 Sergeants
  • 4 Detectives
  • 18 Road Patrol Officers
  • 1 Canine Unit

In addition to the sworn officers, the Police Department also includes the Records Clerk, Property Room Technician and the Victim Advocate.

The Police Department hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You may contact the Police Department at:

937-233-1801, option 1

Road Patrol

The Riverside Police Department  currently has an authorized staffing of 29 police officers, 22 of which are assigned to the Road Patrol Division. The patrol officers are responsible for the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals, and general enforcement of laws and ordinances. The Police Department is responsible for patrolling and protecting a city of more than 25,000 people, homes, and businesses covering nearly 10 square square miles of land and 232 miles of roads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Major Angela Jackson is the commander of the Road Patrol Division.  She is responsible for four shifts of patrol officers who are each supervised by a Police Sergeant.  The Road Patrol Division provides services to include:

  • Canine Unit
  • Accident Crash Investigators
  • A.L.I.C.E. Training
  • Evidence Technicians for crime scene processing
  • Firearms Training Staff
  • Bike Patrol Unit

Major Jackson can be contacted at (937) 233-1801 ext 431 or by email at ajackson@riversideoh.gov

Investigative Services

Officers assigned to the investigative section investigate crimes that are felonies, require extensive follow up, or require specialized investigative training. Currently, the Investigative Section consists of four detectives.  The Investigation Section investigates on average 500 felony offenses per year.

Major Matthew Sturgeon is the commander of the Investigative Section and oversees the daily operation of the unit.  Major Sturgeon also oversees the records section, property room, and victim services.

The Investigation Section consists of detectives with specialized skills in:

  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Forensic Sketching
  • Cellular Phone Extractions
  • Clandestine Lab Investigations

Major Sturgeon can be contacted at (937) 233-1801 ext 452 or by email at msturgeon@riversideoh.gov

Crime Mapping

The City of Riverside local interactive crime mapping software is now online! Please check out the below link. Once you open the map zoom in to Ohio and click on the City of Riverside flag.

Crime Map

Victim Services

The Riverside Victim Services program is available to provide assistance to those who have been affected by a violent crime. Riverside Victim Services can help victims navigate through the confusing and overwhelming criminal justice process. The victim advocate is available to the police department 24 hours a day and works directly with the Riverside prosecutor. Services available include, but are not limited to, assistance filing for the Ohio Victim of Crime Compensation Fund, registering for VINE, information and assistance filing for protection orders, court accompaniment, and emotional support.

If you are a victim of a crime and need assistance, contact the victim advocate at (937) 233-1801 ext 421 or sroberts@riversideoh.gov. The Riverside victim advocate is located at the city building at 5200 Springfield St. Suite 100 Riverside, OH 45431.

Police Reports

Anyone can request a police report. There are two ways to request a report:

1. Submit the online form

2. Contact 937-233-1801, ext 415

Requests are fulfilled as quickly as possible, but can take up to thirty days.

Community Camera Registration Form

In order to better investigate crimes, we depend on assistance from the residents we serve. If you have video cameras installed on your business or residence, please complete this form to advise us of cameras that might help in solving crimes and apprehending suspects.

Complete the Form

Commendations or Complaints

We value your input. Citizens with concerns or complaints about a Riverside Police Department employee are encouraged to contact us so that we can thoroughly investigate your concerns and take appropriate action. We also would love to know what we’re doing right! Please follow these links to let us know of your concerns, complaints, or commendations.

Commend an Employee
Complaints or Concerns

Where do I pay my ticket fine?

Ticket fines can be paid online here, or by sending payment to the Montgomery County Eastern Division Court located at 6111 Taylorsville Road Huber Heights, OH 45424.  The contact number for the court is (937) 496-7231.

Property Release

The Riverside Police Department’s Property Room maintains all property held as found, recovered or of evidentiary value.

You must make an appointment with the property room manager by calling 937-233-1801 ext 432 or by emailing dbrodnick@riversideoh.gov.  You must be on time, or call to cancel if you cannot make your appointment.  Photo identification is required.