Community Development

The Department of Community Development provides support to the City Manager on projects related to planning, contract administration and City operations. They participate in planning projects that involve considerable interaction with citizens, developers, businesses, agencies and civic groups, maintain up-to-date knowledge of emerging regulations, pending legislation and trends in planning that impact the city as well as current programs and processes. They prepare grant applications and communicate with the public and business community to educate them on the City’s development plans and codified ordinances. This department also oversees code enforcement, property maintenance issues and zoning permits. The planning function of the department involves administration of the physical development of the City as directed by the Planning Commission and City Council as these two boards have defined in the codified ordinances, official zoning map and the comprehensive plan.

Riverside Zoning Map

Zoning Verification Letter Request

Request for letters verifying the zoning of a property which includes a zoning map, minutes of approved conditional use permits, variances, waivers, appeals and zoning cases, open zoning violations, and applicable Unified Development Ordinance regulations.






Zoning is a function of the Community Development Department. The purpose of zoning is to protect the health and welfare of residents and to allow for the orderly growth of the City through the Zoning Code. These responsibilities include issuing zoning permits, performing field inspections for zoning compliance and abating exterior property maintenance issues. For zoning questions or to report a code violations please call (937) 233-1801 option 3 or email

We are pleased to announce that we now have an ONLINE application and payment option for zoning applications! Follow the below link to search code enforcement cases or apply, track, and pay for permits online. Access the Online Portal here: Online Portal Link

Updated Zoning Fee Schedule

At the October 7, 2021 Council meeting, Council passed Ordinance 21-O-778 . This ordinance updated and consolidated all the development and service fees in the United Development Ordinance into a single fee schedule. This ordinance updated the zoning fees that had not been a updated since 2016. The fees are based on administrative costs and are similar to other municipal fees within the region. The new fee structure will take effect on November 8, 2021.
Zoning Fee Schedule – Effective November 8, 2021

Economic Development

Riverside maintains one of the region’s most thriving economic environments for innovation in defense, aerospace, data mining, communications and advanced technology. Located just outside the fence of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the U.S. Air Force’s largest base with 26,000 employees, many prominent defense and technology contractors, research firms, Fortune 100/500 companies and valiant start-ups find all they need to start, grow and prosper.

Our Economic Development Team Can:

• Research information that can help a company determine the profitability of a venture.
• Provide information on designated redevelopment areas.
• Facilitate connections to local and state resources and incentives.
• Assist companies with property searches.
• Act as a concierge to navigate the city development process.
• Introduce companies to supportive businesses, educational institutions and networking groups.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson AFB manages $17.3 billion annually in science and technology funding. Locating in Riverside, businesses will join the elite technology-focused network and research collaborations, positioning for success and potentially benefiting from the AFLR expansive funding opportunities: Fortune 100 Company, General Dynamics IT, CDO Technologies, SRA International Batelle, United Technologies, PE Systems