The Service Department provides a number of valuable services to the community. These include maintaining City streets, stormwater infrastructure, parks and facilities. The Service Department has 12 full-time employees. They include 6 Maintenance Workers, 2 Equipment Operators, a Working Foreman, an Operations Manager, an Engineering Technician and a Service Director.


Street Light Out?

Residents can report street light issues to AEP Ohio by visiting the website here.


Water/Sewer Services are provided by Montgomery County. Please call (937) 781-2688 for more information. Street lighting services are provided by Miami Valley Lighting.  Please call 1-888-316-2393 or email for street light service requests.


The City maintains its own stormwater system to prevent flooding and control rain water. In an effort to better perform these services, the City has completed a Stormwater Master Plan that you can view at the following link. Stormwater Master Plan


The Service Department issues Right of Way permits for all work within the City’s Right of Way. This means residents planning to reconstruct their drive apron and sidewalk need a right of way permit. In areas of no sidewalk, you still must have a permit to abut to the City’s roadway. If you plan to work on your beyond the sidewalk or right of way, you also need a zoning permit. The fee is $25 for each permit. Please contact Mark Tilley with questions at 937-684-7747.

Snow Removal Policy

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