The Service Department provides a number of valuable services to the community. These include maintaining City streets, stormwater infrastructure, parks and facilities. The Service Department has 11 full-time employees. They include 6 Maintenance Workers, 2 Equipment Operators, a Working Foreman, an Operations Manager, and a Service Director.

Water/Sewer Services are provided by Montgomery County. Please call (937) 781-2688 for more information. Street lighting services are provided by DP&L. Please call 937-259-7866 or 937-237-5956 for service request.

The City maintains its own stormwater system to prevent flooding and control rain water. In an effort to better perform these services, the City has completed a Stormwater Master Plan that you can view at the following link. Stormwater Master Plan

You may contact the Service Department at:

937-233-1801, option 3

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