City Charter and Codes

What is a Charter?

A municipal charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government. It is comparable to the Constitution of the United States or a state’s constitution. The charter is, therefore, the most important legal document of any city.

What can you find in the Charter?

• Name and Boundary
• Form of Government
• Powers
• The Council
• Legislation
• The Manager
• Administrative Departments
• Personnel
• Commissions and Boards
• Nominations and Elections
• Initiative, Referendum and Recall
• Debt and Taxation

What are Codes?

Codes are basically laws that apply to our City. Some of the many Codes in Riverside include Codes regarding:

• Animals and Fowl
• Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance
• Supervision and Control of Minors
• Drug Abuse Control
• Gambling
• Health, Safety and Sanitation
• Property Offenses
• Theft and Fraud
• Weapons and Explosives
• Fair Housing Practices Policy
• Peddlers, Vendors, Canvassers and Charitable Solicitations.
• Frozen Dessert Sales From Vehicles

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