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The City of Riverside is committed to transparency and openness in public decision-making and access to records that document the work of the municipality in accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act. Please use this form to request access to public records. Please note that records are maintained for various lengths of time based on the City’s Records Retention Schedule, which is approved by the City of Riverside Records Commission. If a record is no longer available or if it is exempt from the request, you will be provided with that information and/or the law that exempts the information.

Should you wish to review Police Records & Reports, please scroll to the bottom of the page to select that option.

Helpful information for making a public records request:

  • Provide sufficient clarity to allow the city to identify the record(s) you are requesting.
  • If a record does not exist, the city will clarify that, and work to assist you in identifying records you seek based on how the city keeps records.
  • Requests can be anonymous, however, the city must have a way to contact you to fulfill the request.

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    Any request for police records should be done through the Police Department Records Clerk.

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