Recycling Tips!

January 14, 2019

Recycling Tips

  • Ensure items are empty, clean and dry
  • Cardboard should be flattened

Accepted Items

  • Cardboard
  • Paper items such as office paper, file folders, magazines, catalogs, newspaper and inserts, junk mail, telephone books, etc
  • Milk cartons, juice cartons, aseptic containers
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Aluminum, tin or steel cants, foil and pie tins
  • Glass jars and bottles

Not Accepted

  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Food waste
  • Yard Waste
  • Light bulbs
  • Window Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Batteries
  • Ceramics
  • Dishes
  • Cellphones, computers or other electronics
  • Clothing
  • Styrofoam
  • Hazardous waste containers
  • Garden Hoses
  • Construction Waste
  • Oil containers of any kind

For more information or other recycling tips, visit or call Republic Services at 1-800-543-1339.

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