Frequently Asked Questions

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Who do I contact with questions about trash?
Republic Services is the contract trash hauler for City of Riverside residents. You can contact them at or 1-800-543-1339, option 5.

Will my pick-up be delayed for a holiday?
You can view the Holiday Schedule at the following link: Holiday Schedule

Why was my trash not picked up on the scheduled day?
If your trash was missed and it is not a holiday week, please contact Republic Services at 1-800-543-1339 and select option 5.

Where do I pay my trash bill?
To make a payment to Republic Services you can call them directly, visit their website or mail in your payment.

How do I reserve a park shelter for a certain date?
Complete our simple online Park Request form, and we’ll let you know if it’s available.

Does it have a grill, electricity and playground for the children?
Check our our Parks page. Each park lists which features are available.

Do I need a permit for rebuilding existing fence, resurfacing driveway?
Yes, you do. Permits can be obtained on our website at or stop in the office to fill one out.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $25 and Riverside will accept cash or check.

Do I need a permit for garage sale?
Yes. Permits can be obtained on our website at or stop in the office to fill one out.

How much does it cost?
No charge for garage sale permit. The form will give you specific instructions such as where to place your signs.

What do I do if I see a property not following city ordinances?
The Code Enforcement Office handles all resident complaints on residential and business properties.

I called about a code violation, but the property still is not in compliance.
The City follows a complaint process that allows property owners up to 10 days to correct the violations, dependent on the violation. Once this time frame is over, the City can send a contractor out to correct these issues.

Who do I talk with about dead animal on the street?
If there is a dead animal in the street or on the curb, please contact the Service Department at 937-233-1801.

What can I do about a low hanging tree branch?
Low hanging tree branches are the responsibility of the property owner. If you notice a tree branch hanging low, please contact us. The Code Enforcement Officer can go out to the property to issue a citation.

There is a pot hole on my street. Who can I report this to?
If you notice a pot hole anywhere in the City of Riverside, please report it to at 937-233-1801.

There is a hydrant leaking. What do I do?
If you notice a leaking fire hydrant, please contact Anne Wood at 937-233-1801 ext. 216 or

How do I request an EMS report?
An EMS report can be requested here. Once it is ready, you can pick it up at City Hall. A valid ID and signature will be required to obtain the report.

Can I request an EMS report for someone else?
Unless you have a power of attorney or are the guardian of the patient, you cannot request an EMS report for someone else.

How do I obtain a fire report?
A fire report can be requested here. Anyone can request a fire report.

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