U.S. EPA Provides Update on Activities for Three Superfund Sites

July 21, 2021

View the updated fact sheet here:
Dayton Sites Update Fact Sheet July 2021

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is working closely with two cities
and several local, state and federal agencies to manage pollution at three
Superfund sites in the Dayton and Riverside, Ohio areas. The sites are the
Behr Dayton Thermal Volatile Organic Compound Plume, Valley Pike
VOC and North Sanitary Landfill, also known as the Valleycrest Landfill.
These sites began as short-term cleanup projects to remove looming
environmental health threats but developed into long-term, complex
projects that were listed on the National Priorities List, or NPL. All the sites
are located within two miles of each other in the McCook Field, Old North
Dayton, and Riverside communities.


Last modified: July 21, 2021

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